Amazon Prime // Home Decor Favorites

Prime members! This is what we've been training for! It's Amazon Prime Day once again! (Which is basically summer's Cyber Monday and you won't want to miss it.) Sales begin at 3pm EST July 16th. Just for fun, I thought I'd roundup (almost) everything in my home that can be ordered from Amazon Prime. Enjoy! … Continue reading Amazon Prime // Home Decor Favorites

Rug Guide for the Bargain Hunter // 10 Rugs That Won’t Break the Bank

Shopping for the perfect rug is a challenge! It can be a game changer for the look and feel of your room and usually involves a large investment. I don't know about you, but I always feel the pressure! I've spent hours over the past few months searching for all sorts of rugs for our … Continue reading Rug Guide for the Bargain Hunter // 10 Rugs That Won’t Break the Bank

Flocked Christmas Tree // Friday’s Affordable Finds

Flocked trees are all the rage this Christmas season, but who wants to deal with the mess of flocking? Why not just purchase an artificial flocked tree?! Well, I know what you are thinking... They are so darn expensive! The latest trends always have to be pricey, don't they? I mean, come on! I'm decorating on … Continue reading Flocked Christmas Tree // Friday’s Affordable Finds

Target’s $1 Pumpkins // Friday’s Affordable Finds

I know I am a day late... but yesterday was the first day of Autumn and this week's post is too fitting: I'm excited to share our adorable little pumpkins! I found them in a variety of colors at Target in Bullseye's Playground (aka. the dollar spot inside the store's entrance). These little cuties are … Continue reading Target’s $1 Pumpkins // Friday’s Affordable Finds